aminal the game

update. There is a new game for my third year project, this time a 3d one, traditional 3d not new fandagled milarky. its just here

welcome to aminal the game. this started as the final project for my foundation degree in networking, it uses microsoft xna framework technologies.

the current version for download is for windows only, and there are a few pre requisites for playing. first the .net 3.5 framwork needs to be installed, additionally so must the xna redistributable package. apart from those there's not alot more to it, unless your graphics card doesnt support shader 2 or something.

there are three files available for download, one is the game only, this is for those of you with .net and xna already installed. the 2nd is the game and the xna redistributable package. note the .net 3 or 3.5 will have to be downloaded from windows update if not already. finally the third file is the installer version, this will install the game and ask for the prerequisite files to be downloaded before hand. thank you ^_^

game screen shot
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